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(May, 2005)

The chronicle of news from regions (April)

The chronicle of military news (April)

Education of Russian officers on the best traditions of Fatherland Russian

Honour - is she (it) today whether or not?


As in the country of fools

Bribes - a problem or the phenomenon?

Military registration and enlistment office - today and tomorrow.

New treatment of democracy (the polemic point of view)

Dear Friend! Having visited pages of our veteran site, you learn(find out) not only about a history of local bodies of military management (military commissariats), but also about people served earlier and working today in military registration and enlistment offices of area and other regions, about life and problems of local bodies today, receive the legal information(inquiry) under Federal Laws of the Russian Federation on passage of military service, a provision of pensions, on housing questions, on veterans, on the status of the military man and military privileges.

The decree of the President of the Russian Federation from May, 8, 2005 N 531 About the military form of clothes, signs on distinction of military men and departmental distinctions 






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Chronicle of events by Day of the Victory

Calendar the militarian

Military service under the contract

Site of a military commissariat Khanty - Mansiyski of autonomous region

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